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Christina Sass, the Co-founder and President of Andela at Slush 2018

The computing industry has a problem. Christina Sass, the Co-founder & President of Andela, joined Slush to discuss the issues behind tech-talent recruitment. Andela is a software engineer and developer recruitment organization, mostly recruiting from Africa. Christina took the Founder Stage to share her insights on the importance of training and how can a tech company utilize the tech talent available worldwide.

Pekka Laurila, the Co-founder of ICEYE shares his story of humble ambition in building microsatellites.

ICEYE is a young, but hungry microsatellite company from Finland. Earlier, this November the company has launched their latest satellite ICEYE-X2 upon SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket. This year on Founder’s stage, Pekka Laurila, the Co-founder & CSO together with Jyri Engeström, Co-Founder and General Partner at Yes VC and an investor in ICEYE, shared their story of humble ambition in building ingenious microsatellites and sending them to space.

Justin Rosenstein sharing about founding and growing Asana at Slush 2018

Justin Rosenstein, the Co-founder of collaboration tool Asana opened the Pink Stage with useful hands-on advice on building powerful ideas and ‘growing smart’. He also announced the recent Asana’s $50 million Series E round, which catapulted Asana to a $1.5 billion valuation.

Justin Rosenstein

1. Make it easy for people to keep their eyes on the company mission

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Blockchain could significantly decrease the cost of electricity

“A glowing red “change” neon on a wall” by Ross Findon on Unsplash

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